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What a great year!

What a wild year it has been between concerts and composing! I'm currently backing up Jen Awad, Kitty Hawk, Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe, Will Loomis, Corday and a few others on the drums while staying busy scoring for tv and film in the studio. These past few months have required a lot of practicing and rehearsing time as well!

This month I'll be playing quite a few shows on drums with Larisa Stow, I'll be finishing up the score for The Roonie House, a short film directed by Giselle Vasquez and working on a film entitled IRL with a Birdman-esque drum score. I'll be in the studio with Will Loomis, speaking on a panel at The Musicians Institute about working after graduation, as well as attending GameSoundCon to learn more about the intricacies of scoring in the video game world! A lot to look forward to this month! Stay tuned for more news and upcoming shows and videos.


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