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Born and raised in the midst of the Southern California entertainment industry, Paloma Estevez has always had a passion and natural talent for music. From her early beginnings of playing trombone and drums in jazz and classical genres, to discovering her innate talent as a composer, Paloma’s musical dedication is equaled only by her facility, accessibility and personality.

Tapped into the spiritual side of her creativity, her scoring has developed a grand essence of spirit, covering a wide range of emotion from sweet piano pieces, to heart warming orchestral themes, to intense thriller and action cues. She also enjoys the minor side of music, creating vibey tunes to embellish scenes on the darker side. Perfectionism coupled with her versatility makes for her continual success in the music industry.

An award winning graduate of The Musician’s Institute, the technically superb Ms. Estevez is also a respected session musician and performer. She has 20+ years of experience playing live across the globe from small intimate settings to stadium concerts. She endorses Soultone Cymbal, Los Cabos Drum Sticks and Kickport.  

Music for Film & Television

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The Way

A Film by Emilio Estevez
Paloma Estevez, Music Department

The Last Animals

Now Playing on Hulu

A Film by Kate Brooks
Composed by Paloma Estevez

Directed by Kate Brooks, written by Kate Brooks and Mark Monroe. (USA) - Featured on National Geographic. Photojournalist Kate Brooks turns her lens from war zones to a new kind of genocide in this sweeping and sobering film. As the single-digit population of the Northern White Rhino ticks closer to extinction, Brooks exposes the epidemic of highly effective poachers and trafficking syndicates, and the heroic efforts of conservationists, park rangers, and scientists to protect these majestic creatures. In Czech, English, French, Lingala with subtitles.


A film by Giselle Vazquez 
Composed by Paloma Estevez

The Public

A film by Emilio Estevez

Additional music by Paloma Estevez

Academy Award Nominee

Directed by Ricardo Perez-Selsky
Drum Score by Paloma Estevez

The Roonie House

Directed by Gizelle Vazquez
Composed by Paloma Estevez


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