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Paloma Estevez


Paloma Estevez, known for her deep pocket, powerful rock energy and energetic stage presence is one to watch. Having been on stage since she was a kid, she is no stranger to the bright lights. She has performed on stages from small intimate jazz clubs to crowds of 30,000 plus over her 20 year career as a drummer. Though she’s regularly lauded as a rock drummer, her teen obsession with NSYNC and Backstreet Boys allow her to slide effortlessly into a pop groove. She’s been fortunate to land gigs with such artists as Berlin, Slash, El Chicano, has been featured on multiple movie scores, ESPN and has opened up for numerous acts such as Drowning Pool, Buck Cherry, Salt n Pepper etc. 


Born in Los Angeles, Paloma grew up surrounded by prolific entertainers. She discovered a passion and natural talent for music on her first instrument, the trombone. While at the top of her class in jazz band and orchestra, she still had an eye for something else. She begged and begged for a drum set starting at the age of 9 to no avail.  A chance encounter at age thirteen landed Paloma on stage behind a drum kit, with an audience and a full band. Though she had never played before, she was able to hold her own that night. The conductor counted her in and she started to play like she’d done it a million times. Her dad immediately bought her a drum set the following day and the rest is history. 


Since then, she has been tapped by such greats as award-winning American music engineer, mixer and producer Bob Clearmountain (Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones), music producer and composer, Tyler Bates, (300, Watchmen,Guardians of the Galaxy) and American multi- platinum award winning Record Producer Dito Godwin (No Doubt, Kiss, Motley Crue). She has also shared sessions with such greats as Jonathan Moffet “Sugar Foot” (Michael Jackson) and Corney Mims (2Pac, Beyonce).

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